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300ml High Pressure Continuous Spray Bottle In White

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The atomizer spray bottle is ideal for sanitisation, hair spray, face mist, or as a mist bottle for the body.

Atomizer spray bottle sprays water-based liquids evenly and perfectly every time on any surface.

Atomizer mist spray bottle offers continuous spray in any direction with over a meter of distance to each spray.

Use the mister bottle as a cleaning spray bottle, surface sanitization spray bottle, hand sanitising spray bottle, and misting bottle.

Pack Includes: 1 empty white plastic bottle with 1 white fine mister trigger sprayer.

The capacity of each Bottle: 300 ml

This sprayer dispenses 1.25 ml of product per second in a long continuous spray with each squeeze of the trigger. This trigger operates quietly with very low noise. The atomizer sprays evenly, perfectly each time and covers a large area quickly. This spray is designed to work with water-based liquids.

The refillable bottle that comes with a sprayer makes your work done quicker and saves you time on refilling, just switch trigger from one bottle to another for non-stopping application.

Best Uses: surface sanitisation, hand sanitisation, hair care, pets and plants care, auto detailing, personal body care, art sprayer with watercolours.

The atomizer can also be used on a plant or cooling your body after the gym or a sunny day on the beach. It can be used to perfectly applying a solution to your car or spraying water while ironing. It makes any project just a spray away.

How to Open the Bottle: Push down and twist.

How to Clean the Bottle and Sprayer: Hand wash bottle with warm water and soap. Use lightly soapy water to go through the trigger by squeezing it several times. Followed with clean water.

Using non-water-based solutions may clog trigger. We recommend before applying any product to test each product for performance.

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1 x Atomizer Spray Bottle

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